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Powerful Options to Fuel Success of Your Business

Powerful and flexible targeting options and the best rates in a niche

Precise Geo Targeting
Target visitors by their Geo Location down to a city they reside in.
You Are In Control
Create complex campaigns in seconds with our intuitive interface.
Time Targeting
Schedule your campaigns to run only when they work the best.
Desktop and Mobile
Target visitors by niche, carrier, OS, device, browser and many more.
Personal Test System

Find the Best Performing Traffic for Your Page

Pinpoint traffic sources that give highest click-through rates
Traffic Holder presents a system which helps discovering the best traffic sources for your site.
By performing a test on your page you will know for sure which traffic source works with it.

Get the Most out of Traffic
No more guess work. Purchase traffic that works specifically with your page and its content.
Detailed Click Rate Report
When the test is complete we will provide you with a detailed click rate report.
Niche and Geo Targeting
Get more accurate results by targeting specific content niche and high quality countries.
Ad Formats

Available Types of Traffic

We offer blind skimmed and popunder web traffic. Both Desktop and Mobile.

Blind Clicked
A visitor makes a click on a seller's(publisher's) page to watch a video/photo/cam but your page is opened instead of that content page. Only your page is opened after a click and it is opened in a regular browser window/tab.
Your page is opened in a new browser window/tab underneath current browser window/tab. A visitor has to make a click anywhere on a seller's(publisher's) page to have you page opened.
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