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Frequently Asked Questions



What payment options do you accept?

Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, EuroCard, American Express), PayPal, Paxum, Direct eBanking, iDeal, Epese, Ecoin, Webmoney, Bitcoin, Wire Transfer.

How often my account balance is updated?

Your balance is updated every hour.

How long does it take to process a payout?

It takes up to 72 hours (max) to process your payment. Usually we process payments within 1-2 business days. We also provide Instant Withdrawal option, you can withdraw your account balance without any hold, this option will be activated automatically after 3 manual withdrawals.


What kind of traffic do you offer? I saw you mention "skimmed traffic" but I have no idea what it is.

Skimmed traffic is blind clicked traffic coming from free adult websites (TGPs, MGPs, Tube etc.). Clicking on the thumbnails a visitor may be redirected to a content page (a promo gallery) or to any other adult website (yours, for example). That is what we offer.

I want to buy 1000 visitors for one day to my site. How much will this cost me?

You can find available traffic and price here,

I want traffic, can you give me 3 days free trial, I want to know what I'm buying.

We provide a traffic resell service and for delivered traffic we should pay to webmasters/sellers. We have no minimums, so we recommend you to buy a small test amount. You can buy even for $1.00 (one dollar) to test if it want to make sure.

How long does it take to get my URL approved?

We approve URL's usually within 30 minutes monday to friday and up to 12 hours at weekend. If you would like to get your URL approved instantly, please contact us. You will get an e-mail confirmation once your URL is approved.

When will the traffic start to flow?

As usual the delivery starts as soon as you place an order.

I have just registered and placed an order, but the traffic delivery is very slow.

If your account status is "new" the traffic delivery is a little bit limited. We recommend you to apply for an account upgrade verification. You can do it in the BANK area of your TH account. After upgrade you will be able to receive more traffic of a higher quality. If your account is verified and you still don't receive any traffic, we suggest you to place a priority order (in case this option is available). You can do it when you order traffic or in the "Edit order" menu.

What is a traffic priority order?

If you are setting up a priority order, you get more traffic, because your order is served first. We like to recommend to apply this feature only if you are not getting enough traffic.

What does the "Max hourly force" mean?

The "Max hourly forces" is an amount of hits to be delivered per hour.

I just placed an order for Mature traffic but made a mistake by placing it with Teens.

You have full control over all of your orders. You can just suspend or delete your incorrect order and place a new one.

How can I apply for a discount?

You will get 5% discount for every order to the page where you have our button.

Is it possible to buy traffic for viruses?

NO, you will be banned and we will delete your account and an automatic forfeit of all money/traffic owed.

I ordered Italian traffic, however as far as I see you are sending me traffic from the US resources.

We determine visitors by IP. Even if they come from the US websites, be sure we are sending Italian traffic to you.

I have bought some traffic to my paysite, but don't see any conversions.

Our traffic is good mostly for free adult resources and we do not recommend to send it directly to paysites in case you don't have enough experience with converting blind skimmed traffic.

I have bought 10k of traffic, my order is completed. However my counter shows that I received only 7k. What is the problem?

If at any time you feel that the count is not correct, just cancel your order and request a refund of your remaining balance. Please do not message us about suspected inaccurate counts if you are using a third party javascript counter. Server logs is the only reliable method of keeping statistics. Stats, data and other information from third party counters (such as SexTracker) are never 100% accurate. Please check your server logs first.

How often is the traffic purchase statistics updated?

Traffic Purchase Stats are updated every hour.

I added the affiliate button at the bottom of the page on, when I want to buy traffic for, should the discount option not show up in the dropdown menu? Right now I only see Standard Price on Is that checked after I submit the order?

Our system updates all buttons once per 24 hours. System can update your buttons instantly, in "URL approval" menu, click "check for button".

How many times per day is the counter of Traffic Holder updated?

Traffic Holder updates all stats once per hour.


What is the main purpose of the "return url" field?

If you sell traffic to Traffic Holder, we will return all unsold traffic to this "return url".

I would like to sell some traffic and I wonder what the price would be? I'm interested in earning not less than 4 USD per 1k.

Our system will test your traffic quality and set the recommended price for your traffic. However you can set any price for traffic (even higher than the recommended price) and we will do our best to sell as much traffic as possible or return it back to you. You can also use our minimal price feature, so system wouldn't sell your traffic for a price lower than you've requested.

How long do you normally test domains? You're taking quite a high percentage to test compared to how much you pay for. As in: How long does the testing period last when selling traffic?

Traffic Holder takes 1-1.5% only to test your traffic, but to get exact production from your domain(s), we take 20-30% from the FIRST 600 hits from EVERY domain. After 600 hits from any domain(s), we reduce testing percentage to the normal/standard 1-1.5%.

How often is the traffic sales statistics updated?

Traffic Sales Stats are updated every hour.

Can I delete my account, I will register a new account with another username.

You may just open another account in the system. Traffic Holder allows to open several accounts for one individual or company. You may open as many accounts as you need, but if your account has been previously blocked or suspended, please request Traffic Holder permission to open a new account.

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